Japanese indigo dyed tapestry "The koi climbing the waterfall"

Japanese indigo dyed tapestry "The koi climbing the waterfall"

Watanabe Somemono Traditional indigo dye
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This tapestry was created using a traditional dyer's technique called tsutsugaki (tube painting). Mochi paste was placed on white fabric and drew the design, added soybean juice (gojiru) to pigments for coloration, and then the fabric was soaked the over and over in natural fermented indigo, water washed in clear streams, and dried in the sun, in keeping with ancient Japanese traditional technique. The design of the koi climbing the waterfall symbolizes success in life, and is based on the legend that koi that can climb the violent rapids of the Longmen in the Yellow River in China become dragons. It is also popular for use in praying for good fortune. It has legs on both its top and bottom for easy use as is.



Size 50cm*150cm
Material Cotton 100%